Loads of updates…

Finally got round to updating this site a bit. Jobs completed are : Updated slider pics! Updated gallery with over 100 new images. Over 400 in total now Some new blog posts (well overdue) I have been very very busy and having not updated my body or lenses for a while photography has taken a […]

TIPEC Day at Curborough

Had a really enjoyable day out with the TIPEC guys at Curborough. Great set of lads and lasses and some great cars Curborough is a sprint course and can be configured a few different ways, short enough so plenty of laps can be made but also long enough to test the drivers and cars. Some […]

Very busy!

I know I’ve neglected this site a bit over the past 6 months or so, but I’ve been so so busy it’s unreal. I aim to resolve the lack of posts though starting right now….