The Midlands Air Festival 5th June 2021

Took a trip out to Ragley Hall for the Midlands Air Festival on Saturday. Great venue, beautiful weather and really enjoyed ourselves!

There was a small static display when we arrived, like the Chipmunk above and several planes flew in as we settled down and found our spot in the sun. The display open with the Red Arrows – first UK display in 18 months! and they are always great to watch and hear with the commentary!

I enjoyed the Spitfires from the BBMF, Sally-B the Boeing B-17 from Duxford and the other displays and especially the Catalina as it’s been a fair while since I saw one in the air!

Then it was the turn of Sainty and the Typhoon Display – always a great sigh and sound! I think a lot of guests were suprised by how much noise a Typhoon makes on full chat!

I was also looking forward to seeing the “Russian” Spitfire from Hangar11. A striking colour scheme and a great display!

As the even began to draw in we were then treated to seeing a nice mass balloon launch – unfortunately the wind was gusting by this point and quite a few balloons decided against a flight!

All in all though a great day! 2000 photos taken and a bit of sunburn! Shame to see that a few of the other airshows have bitten the dust with the uncertainty that’s happening at the moment – so I guess the next trip out will be a base (again!)

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